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Hello, friends. You have stumbled across the icon journal of lindsaycollette. Here you will find icons & graphics of things that I love. Happy things. Sweet things. Lovely things. Good things. I'm not one for loads of graphics of models, celebrities, actors/actresses and the like. Nor am I a graphics aficionado. You will not find journal/profile layouts, .gifs, brushes, polls, etc. in weekendflowers. This community is all about simplicity.

Please join weekendflowers in order to see my icons. I'd like for anyone who takes an icon to please comment--for me, it's more about knowing that you enjoy the icons that I made rather than to survey you. I'm not going to hunt down anyone who doesn't do this; my icons are made from photos I found on the internet that I have tweaked a bit. It's not complicated. As far as credit is concerned, if you wish to credit weekendflowers that would be wonderful, but it is not necessary unless it's noted in a particular post.

Oh, and if you do join, please stay sweet. It just makes everything less complicated.

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